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NaviLink for Linux

Navilink Usage help As you already know, I own a NaviGPS with which I'm very happy. There was only one dark spot: no Linux support. Locosys (which seems to be the real manufacturer, the device is branded by different companies) provides a utility to down- and upload tracks, routes and waypoints for Windows only and my previous attempts to understand the protocol weren't successful.

But yesterday I received a PDF document from Roger Liou at Locosys who saw my previous work at my Wiki1). The document contained the specifications of the NaviLink protocol.

With this kind of help I were finally able to write the first version of a Perl NaviLink client today. While doing so I discovered quite a few errors in the document, so I transfered the contents to a new Wiki page while fixing some of the specs. There are probably some more errors in it, because I haven't implemented the full protocol, yet.

Anyway, for everyone who wants to try it, here is the script:

It's a single Perl script only dependent on Device::SerialPort. It's licensed under the BSD license, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Currently only tracklog downloads are supported. Feel free to improve the script by sending patches ;-)

Update: I added a few more modes. The link above always points to the most up to date version, before sending any patches make sure you have a recent release.

Update 2: The script now has a proper project page. Uploading waypoints is finished as well.

gps, navilink, perl, linux
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well, I received it from Marcel who Roger obviously thought to be responsible for the mentioned Wiki page