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I just finished Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on my Wii. It was one of the best games I played in years. I needed about 62 hours of playing for finishing it (the save games do count the playing time - I didn't count my self ;-)).

ss4.jpg The game's tasks are very logical and you always know what you are supposed to do next, which is a thing I like very much in a game. Some times I had to take a quick look at the IGN Walkthrough but usually I was able to find everything myself.

The story is great, the graphics and music are cool and the missing voice output was okay for me. But sometimes I had my problems with riding. There are a few fights you need to do on the horse and riding while aiming with the bow can be quite frustrating. I also couldn't manage to circle jump reliable, which is needed to attack certain enemies from behind. I knew what I need to do, but either me or the controls didn't work all the time. Except for these parts, the controls were absolutely fantastic.

Another thing that was quite strange to me was how save games work. You can save anytime in the game, but there is no simple way to load a save game. You can only do that if your restart the game. But you don't need to reload a save game too often because when you die you can restart at the beginning of the current room. What was strange to me is that loading a save game will not bring you back to the point where you saved, but to the entry point of the current area (eg. the dungeon entrance). Once you understand this it's okay, but when you come from the PC world this might irritate you like it did to me.

ss6.jpg What I liked most about the game play was the switch between wolf and man and the use of the different special items you collect during the game. Especially at the end of the game you always need to switch to the correct item to solve certain puzzles and you need to choose the right form to even be able to see some parts of them.

The difficulty level is very fair as well. I'm no hardcore gamer (anymore) but I had no problems with the enemies, even the boss fights are fair once you figured out the correct tactic for the particular boss. Only for the very last fight against the big bad boss I needed to use a trick I found on one of the gamer sites: you can distract him by taking out your fishing rod, then quickly put it away and slash him a few times :-). If I could have managed to circle jump I'd might have had a chance even without this.

Summary: Get this Game!

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