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Obligatory Wii blog entry

The Wii Kaddi already told the world: I've got my Wii yesterday. It is really as much fun as everybody says. The controller is really cool and Nintendo built some really nice technology into the Wii.

It has WiFi to connect to the internet and you can download the Opera browser through the built in Wii-Shop. The news and weather channels are nice gimmicks but a real RSS reader would be way cooler.

The Mii creator Kaddi and me built some Mii avatars yesterday which you can use in the little sport games that come with the Wii. There also seems to be a way to share these Miis with your “Wii friends” but I'm not quite sure yet how this works and what it is good for. From what I understand you need to know a built in Wii console number of someone to make her your friend. Well, if you're interested in becoming my Wii friend here is my Wii-Code: 0950 5549 6129 2854.

A nice idea is that you can store your own Mii avatar at the Wii controller (called Wiimote) and take it with you when meeting a friend who also has a Wii. The Wii controller is a bluetooth device so in theory you can connect it to your PC using a bluetooth dongle and copy the Mii to your PC. There is a tool called Mii Mega Mall which is supposed to do that, but unfortunately we weren't able to get it work. Would have been cool to showoff my Mii here.

ss1.jpgOh about the games: the included Wii Sports consists of multiple smaller games which are Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball and Bowling. All of them are controlled by swinging or moving the controllers like in the real sports. They are quite fun. I really suck at baseball but am quite good in boxing :-) I also got Zelda Twilight Princess which is really as cool as everybody says. They're making full use of the possibilities of the controllers and the game story is really addicting.

The Wii shop So what sucks about the Wii? Not much except the price. Not so much for the console alone, but all the additional stuff you soon will want after having tried it. Eg. the sports games are much more fun when played with others, but Nintendo only puts one Wiimote in the box. So you have to buy another. If you want to play boxing you'll need the Nunchuck extension as well – of course sold separate. Then there is the Wii-Shop which sells old NES and SNES games for the “virtual console” which is an emulator for those systems. A quite good idea, but you have to pay with Wii points. Wii points can be bought through prepaid card – at 20€ for 2000 Wii points. Super Mario Bros. costs 500 Wii points. So Nintendo gets 20€ even if I only want a 5€ game. Oh and did I mention that some of those games are only playable with the separately sold “classic controller”?

However there is some hope: you can register all bought products at Nintendo's website to earn “Stars” which they promised will be exchangable to Wii points some day. Well, until now this is not possible. If they keep that promise it would be nice of course, meaning you'd get an old SNES classic for free with each newly bought Wii game. I hope they'll go that way.

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