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Where is Waldo? Or "2000 Bloggers"

The "2000 Bloggers" project Can you find me? I'm in there somewhere :-)

This is a screenshot of the ongoing 2000 Bloggers project by Tino Buntic. He wants to collect the images of 2000 bloggers for a big collage. If you want to join just comment at his blog entry.

Update 2007-02-06:

It's a few days later and the project is dead. Tino pulled the plug after Technorati complained about it gaming the ranking system.

Technorati ranks blogs by the number of links a blog gets from other blogs. Tino intended to finally link to 2000 blogs, which I guess wouldn't be a problem. Each of these blogs would just get one link more. Many blogs linked back to Tino, wrtiting about the project which shouldn't be a problem as well. Even if all 2000 would have done that, it would have increased only Tino's rank which IMHO is fine because it reflects how popular his project is.

So what was the real problem? Well, Tino offered a piece of code to integrate the 2000 bloggers project into your own blog. Including the links. Smell something? That's right. Imagine all 2000 participants using this, linking back to all other 2000 blogs. This would certainly boost the rank of all these blogs dramatically.

I don't know how many bloggers really did it but I guess it where quite a few, so I can understand why Technorati was upset and why Tino pulled the project.

Anyway it was quite cool nonetheless and I hope, Tino will put up a merged picture of all the 1700 images he collected so far.

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