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Wie StudiVZ nur mit...

One of Germany's most important regular meeting around web 2.0 technology is happening in Berlin for over two years. But somehow I never found the time to attend. Today I did and it was fun.

The event is called Web-Montag (Web-Monday) and is happening every third Monday of a month. People meet to drink beer and present their newest web projects.

There were only two projects today. The first, called Keiala, is a simple calendar application optimized for the display on an iPhone. It is deeply integrated with http://twitter.com. It's creator Alexander Lang had a nice and entertaining way to present his very new idea. Very enjoyable talk with an application showing potential.

The second presentation was about a website called Vizeo.net. Unfortunately the presenter wasn't too well prepared and failed to present the novelty behind the Revver affiliated site. He had to face some tough questions from the audience and didn't to well IMHO.

What was much more interesting than the presentations was meeting new people of course. I have to admit I'm not very knowledgeable about the German blogosphere and connecting more with the local scene was really nice. I think the evening finally convinced me to attend the upcoming re:publica conference.

What surprised me was the impact the German Facebook clone StudiVZ really seems to have. While everybody in the German blogosphere seems to hate it, it was one of the most used comparisons today: “This service is much like StudiVz, but with…”1).

I'm looking forward to re:publica and the next Web-Montag.

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