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Project Wonderful - An Adsense Alternative?

Project Wonderful Last week I finally dropped the Entrecard widget. Mostly because I felt the novelty of the service had worn out and the amount of work it needed was more than I was willing to invest. This made some space available which gives me the opportunity to experiment with different other services.

I'm currently trying Project Wonderful which is an advertising service promising to make “online advertising more profitable and easier for everyone involved”. Don't they all? :-)

Project Wonderful - Adbox Overview The idea is simple. Ad spaces are sold using an auction model. Advertisers bid on a per day basis, not based on clicks. The highest bid gets the spot. They offer a broad range of ad formats which are very customizable. Publishers can manually approve ads or autoaccept them based on content ratings (eg. block NSFW advertisers).

Project Wonderful - Bids View Everything sounds just right. All the tools and statistics you'd wish for are there. But so far the whole thing isn't performing well for me.

Running Project Wonderful ads for about 4 days made me whopping 8 cents so far.

You currently get a day of advertising at splitbrain.org for as low as 6 cents a day. Even if the ad spot is not on the most prominent place it should be worth more than that. But I'm willing to try this for a little while to see how it works out in a longer term.

Did you try Project Wonderful? How did it perform for you? Can you recommend other Adsense alternatives I should try next?

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