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Catch Up Post

This is a quick post to catch up with things that I should have blogged but haven't, yet.



Twitter and micro blogging is hip currently. I never really understood the craze. Then chi joined and convinced me to try it. So far I really like it. It's a nice way to drop all those little messages you tend to write anyway but not necessarily in the right places.

Let me give you an example. You come across a funny link. It's funny but nothing more. It's not worth a blog entry. Or even a Linkblog entry. But still you have the urge to share this link with someone. If you happen to be in IRC you might post it there. Or you may mail it around to your office colleagues. With twitter you have the right place to share it with people who are interested in what you're up to…

I'm using it for about two weeks now and it seems it proved useful for me… In case you want to follow me, here is my twitter stream: http://twitter.com/splitbrain.

Planet DokuWiki

Planet DokuWiki

Planet DokuWiki was born from an idea by r0sk on IRC. It's a website aggregating blogs running on DokuWiki.

It's a fun project bringing together bloggers who share the use of DokuWiki as their strange choice of blogging software. So Planet DokuWiki is basically a way to show off how cool DokuWiki and its users are ;-).

If you use DokuWiki as your blog please contact me and I'll add you to the planet. If you want to read blog posts by various cool people, please subscribe to the Planet DokuWiki Feed.

Blog Rush


BlogRush is a new service which created some buzz in the blogosphere during the last days. Some praised it, others accuse it to not holding up to the hype.

BlogRush is a JavaScript widget showing feed items from other blogs in the same category as yours. For every impression of the widget, your own feed entries are shown on other people's blogs. The idea is to increase your blog's visibility, bringing you a few more visitors. Referring new users will also increase your visibility.

I suggest you'll have a look at the video at their site explaining this much better than I could do.

I'm giving this a try to see how well it works. So far I have seen some interesting posts in the widget already. But I had to filter a pornographic link, too. Hopefully BlogRush's matching algorithm gets better in the future.

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