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DokuWiki on a Stick

To run DokuWiki, a web server with PHP is needed.

Most Windows users are not very comfortable with installing and configuring a web server, even though there are quite simple solutions available already.

DokuWiki on a Stick

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just start an .exe file and have your wiki up and running? Wouldn't it be even cooler if this would work without any complicated install at all? And wouldn't it be really cool if all this could work from an USB flash drive to make your wiki portable between different PCs?

Well, that just happened :-). I hereby present “DokuWiki on a Stick”.

Just download the Zip file, extract it and follow the instructions given in the README.txt. It basically boils down to running the mapache.exe and pointing your Browser to http://localhost:8800/.

All data is kept inside the the DokuWikiStick directory and takes about 10MB.

The whole thing works through the excellent MicroApache distribution which is a stripped down Apache 2.0 with a stripped down PHP 4.4.7. All I had to do was some config tweaking and adding the GDlib for PHP.

Update: A new release is available.

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