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A Geocaching Weekend

I do not own a car and neither does Kaddi. But at least she has a drivers license. Because we were in the mood for some geocaching but already found the caches in close proximity I suggested to rent a car and get a bit out of the city.

The car we got was a Kia Cee'd – we had ordered a Smart but it wasn't available :-(. But the Kia was nice, too. It's bigger than a Smart and quite comfortable. What I liked most is the USB connector in the middle console. It allows you to charge your USB driven gadgets on the road without the need for any adapters.

Yesterday we drove out to the north east of Berlin. One cache guided us to a abandoned army compound. It was a surreal place. There were ruins of old trenches, bunkers and houses in the middle of the wood. We also found some nearly rotten military stuff like ammo crates and barbed wire. The best preserved remains were those of a storm track. A really lost place we would have never seen without geocaching.

Today we went to the south of Berlin were we looked for a series of caches, each containing a bit for an additional bonus cache. Unlike yesterday, when the sky was gray all day, we had perfect weather today. We saw some deer, a few birds of pray and even met other cachers at one location.

Below are some of the pictures we took. For a detailed overview where we were have a look at the maps I uploaded at GPSies: map for day 1, map for day 2.

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