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Weekend Summary

This weekend I took a look at a few smaller things that where on my todo list for a while now.

More Street Art Photos

streetart.splitbrain.org is a project of Kaddi and me. It is a photo collection of stencil street art which is very popular in Berlin but can be seen in other cities as well.

The images are hosted at 23, but the random selection at streetart.splitbrain.org is a more playful way to explore them.

We uploaded a big bunch of new pictures over the weekend. There are now more than 1100 photos online.

DokuWiki Statistics Plugin

When Performancing.com stopped it's metrics service1), I created my own web statisitcs tool for DokuWiki.

It works really well and I'm running it without problems for about 1.5 years now. Since then about 1.1 million page views were logged and the performance of the admin interface began to suffer seriously. Loading it took about 30 seconds for me already.

On sunday, I had a look at all he queries and the database structure itself. I found some ways to optimize it quite a bit and it now loads fast again.

You can download it from the usual place.

DokuWiki IP Ban Plugin

I like the openness of wikis: anyone can easily contribute without any big hurdles. This works very well most of the time and problems are usually quickly removed by users again. Most of the bad edits are mistakes or innocent tests by people who missed the playground anyway.

But from time to time someone thinks it is cool to delete as much pages as possible or to post the same stupid message again and again. This can become an annoyance, especially when the bad guy has too much time at his hand and is repeatingly doing the same.

Until now I had to block such guys manually in my firewall whenever someone made me aware of it.

This weekend I created the IP Ban Plugin. The plugin allows users with the “Manager” role to block access to the Wiki for visitor coming from a certain IP address.

This plugin adds another tool for DokuWiki users to fight against unwanted spam and abuse.

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