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Old and New DokuWiki Plugins

DokuWiki Plugins During the last few weeks I wrote a few new DokuWiki plugins and updated some old ones.

This post is to give you a short introduction about each and what is new in the updated ones.


CAPTCHA plugin The CAPTCHA plugin secures your wiki against automatic spam bots. It can be configured to various accessibility levels, including audio output. The plugin is an older one and proved to be very effective even with the most simplest mechanism that doesn't require any user interaction at all.

There is no change for the user, but the plugin now provides a helper component to make the CAPTCHA functionality available for other plugin authors. If you are using the discussion plugin, be sure to update it as well.

S5 Presentation Plugin

I wrote about creating presentations in DokuWiki before. The S5 plugin allows you to create PowerPoint-like slideshows from any wiki page.

The plugin was updated to handle charset encoding correctly when the rendered presentation is loaded from the cache (ie. on showing it the second time). Especially non-English speakers will be happy about that ;-).

Bureaucracy Plugin

Bureaucracy Plugin The bureaucracy plugin provides a simple way to create forms in DokuWiki pages and takes care of validating and handling user input. It can be used for feedback forms or user surveys for example.

The initial release could send the collected data via email only. With help by Michael Klier it was made much more flexible and it can create pages based on user input and templates now. Users of the data plugin might want to use this for simplet data entry.

Disqus Plugin

Disqus is a web service that provides a centralized commenting system especially aimed at, but not limited to, blogs.

The Disqus plugin allows you to easily integrate a Disqus comment thread on any wiki page. Using it in combination with the popular blog plugin is probably the most common case.

Graph Gear

Graph Gear The latest plugin, just finished yesterday, is the Graph Gear plugin. It was born from the idea to visualize the spreading of the draw a bunny meme in a more flexible way than a static image generated by Graphviz can provide.

The new plugin uses a flash component to display a interactive graph using Graphviz syntax, but without the need for any external tool on the server.

You can see it in action at foosel's site.

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