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iPhone [yes, another iPhone post on the web]

iPhone 3G box I finally did it. I bought an iPhone1).

I'll spare you the details on the phone itself. If you haven't heard about it before then you lived under a rock for the last months. My peer group is fed up with iPhone news anyway ;-).

You may remember me looking for a new phone for several months and iPhone was always high on my list.

iPhone 3G box contents

I'm no Apple fanboy. I loathe Apple's walled garden strategy regarding 3rd party apps and the tight bond to iTunes. Still I couldn't find any other phone that would fit my wishes as good as the iPhone.

So I'm with the devil for next two years (the length of my contract) and hope for similar hardware with a more open OS then.

PS. Any recommendations for syncing iPhone contacts with Google contacts without desktop software would be welcome.

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