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CeBit 2009

I've been to CeBit this year again and brought some photos. There wasn't too much new technology this year. Most things were just improvements over things you could see last year as well.

But a few trends where clearly visible. Eg. the “interactive tables” first presented by Microsoft a while ago seem to be very popular for booth outfitters. I saw many different variations.

While a big topic of this year's CeBit was energy conservation, most PCs just got even bigger than last year, boasting huge fans on the CPUs, GPUs and RAM blowing away a lot of energy in heat.

The new tablet Netbooks weren't too convincing unfortunately. The swivel mechanism didn't feel very sturdy and they will not be available with Linux operating systems. My guess is that there will not even be a Linux driver for the display.

I was happy to see there where robots targeting household tasks this year. However all robots I've seen where terribly slow. I guess it's at least 10 to 20 years til I have my dishwasher filling robot :-(.

Enjoy the pics.

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