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Play Them All Firefox Extension

This weekend I needed a simple way to play a bunch of MP3s linked from a webpage. But I couldn't find a slim Linux MP3 player that could parse the links from the page and stream the files for me1).

However, nearly all players do support the M3U playlist format which can contain HTTP URLs. So I needed a tool to create such a playlist from a website…

That's how Play them all was born.

It's a simple FireFox extension that scans a page for links ending in “.mp3” and creates a playlist from it. To create the list I use the data URI format to trigger the usual download dialog. This way you can simply set a default handler for the text/x-mpegurl mime type and it will automatically open your favorite MP3 player whenever you hit the toolbar button.

Get the extension at the mozilla page or just download it here: playthemall.xpi.

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