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Universal Edit Button Update

I wrote about the Universal Edit Button a while ago. The idea is simple: whenever you are on an editable website (usually a wiki), your browser should display an icon just like it does when you're on a website with an RSS feed.

Unfortunately this feature still isn't built into any browser. But for Firefox you can just install an extension and it will work on all major Wiki engines.

However the available Firefox extension was seriously outdated, had some conflicts with other extensions and a few other bugs. Since nobody seemed able to fix them I stepped forward and updated the extension. In particular I did the following things:

  • Fixed compatibility problems and conflicts with other extensions
  • Code cleanup
  • Removal of WikiHow references
  • New icon graphic by Lorenzo Pastrana (as seen above)
  • Support for rel=“edit” links

The new extension is now available at addons.mozilla.org but unfortunately only in experimental state. This means it can only be downloaded by registered users1).

To reach a broader audience the extension needs to be brought out of the sandbox. Mozilla policy requires an extension to have a certain user base and have some reviews first though.

So here's how you can help:

  1. register at addons.mozilla.org
  2. install the extension
  3. write a review
  4. optionally blog about it ;-)

When writing a review please also mention which operating system and Firefox version you're using so Mozilla editors can see that the extension works fine on a broad range of platforms.

Thanks for your help.

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