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DokuWiki 2009-02-14 - The ♥ Release

It's done. The new stable DokuWiki release is available for download.

We hopefully found all major bugs during the last few weeks in which we had the release candidates available. We fixed quite a few for sure.

As always, this is the best DokuWiki release ever and you really should upgrade as soon as possible. To whet your appetite, here's an abridged changelog:

  • Flash Multiuploader
  • license selector
  • compatibility fixes with Flash Player 10
  • internal changes to make farming easier
  • removed old upgrade plugins
  • better support for non-default auth backends in ACL manager
  • jump to edited session after saving
  • much improved Japanese romanization
  • improved XMLRPC interface
  • improved search result display
  • many smaller feature enhancements
  • more plugin events
  • some performance optimizations
  • minor security enhancements
  • many, many bug fixes

The most work of course went into these “smaller feature enhancements” and “many bugfixes” lines. The changes are often subtle, but taken all together they make the DokuWiki experience even better.

Get DokuWiki!

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