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New DokuWiki Release

A bit more than a month after announcing the first release candidate a new DokuWiki release is born.

DokuWiki During the last month we fixed several smaller bugs that where discovered in the two release candidates. I did a new release yesterday, but something told me not to announce it, yet. It turned out I was right :-/. Another bug was just found today. Because it affected an important feature, I decided to build a new release today, which I hereby finally announce.

For completeness, here's the freshmeat release description:

This release adds several frontend improvements like an AJAXified index, a completely rewritten ACL manager, better RSS support, support for diffs between arbitrary revisions, and much more. An XML-RPC interface was added, and several improvements for plugin and template writers were made. Security measurements against CSRF attacks were introduced, and several minor bugs have been fixed.

More can be read at wiki:changes

Download DokuWiki 2008-05-05 now.

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