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DokuWiki Release Candidate

Yes, there is a new download for DokuWiki. If you're using DokuWiki, upgrade now! If you don't, well its about time!

In case you're wondering: A release candidate (RC) is considered very stable by the developers. But before calling it stable it shall be tested by spreading it to a bigger user group (you). A release candidate is usually followed by another RC or the final stable release after a few weeks, when remaining minor bugs or incompatibilities were found and fixed.

While the last release mainly focused on backend stuff to make DokuWiki faster and more scalable, this release has some more obvious changes. A detailed list of changes is available at the changelog, but I want to pick out a few features here.

New ACL Manager

DokuWiki has a very powerful Access Control List (ACL) system allowing administrators to exactly define who is allowed to do certain things in DokuWiki. Unfortunately the interface to create these rules confused many users.

The new release has a completely rewritten ACL manager.

A list of all ACL rules is now always visible at the bottom. A namespace browser on the left lets you easily choose the namespaces and pages to set permissions for. The ACL editor on the right will explain the current permissions in plain English.

This should make editing access rules much more intuitive and easy.

XML-RPC Interface

DokuWiki now has an XML RPC interface. RPC, short for Remote Procedure Call, is a standardized way to access the function of one program from another. This means it is now much easier to write tools which manipulate DokuWiki pages from outside the Wiki.

One application is already available. Michael Klier wrote a plugin for the popular VIM editor. The DokuVimKi plugin allows you to edit wiki pages remotely from the editor.

Here are some docs about XML-RPC in DokuWiki

Show Differences between arbitrary versions

DokuWiki allows you to display the changes that were made to a page in so called “Diff Views”. Changes between two page versions are shown in a colored side-by-side table making it easy to see what happened.

In previous DokuWiki releases you could only view diffs against the current page revision. Now you can select any two page revisions to compare. This is a pretty simple, but possibly powerful enhancement to spot trouble makers or to check what changed at a certain time in history.

These are only a few of the made changes. The release contains many more enhancements and bugfixes. Now go and download it already ;-).

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