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Andi needs...

We hadn't have a meme here for a while and I just came across a funny one at Stefan Waidele's page. It's about googling yourself and everybody loves that, right?

Just google your first name and the word needs in quotes, have a the first result page and add a short comment to each hit. So here are the results for “Andi needs”1).

Andi Needs To Be Three Dimensional Or This Won't Last
Yeah, I enjoy having enough space to store my organs. But looking at my belly, a tiny bit less 3D would be in order.

Andi needs to write a description of herself.
Point 1: I'm not a her!

andi : Needs a visa to go to Thailand
Hmm Thailand isn't high on my travel list and I'm not entirely sure if German citizens really need a visa for Thailand.

Andi Needs You!
Yes, I do!

Andi needs to put in there that she is expecting
Dammit! I thought we had that gender thing clarified above!?

Andi Needs to Know What Uni Everyones at so he can come visit
Yes. Uhm no. I mean, everyone? Better not.

ANDI needs some of the following ingredients to succeed: transparency, peer review, health competition and some cultural evolution.
Health competition? But I can agree with the other points :-)

No tagging this time. Just pick it up if you like it.

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