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Monitor Amazon Product Availability through RSS

I like shopping at Amazon. They have good prices, are fast and reliable and their customer service is very friendly should you ever need it. Currently I'm looking for a new netbook. Unfortunately the model I picked, isn't available on Amazon Germany, yet.

So now I'm waiting. But I don't want to visit Amazon daily, just to check if my netbook was added to their catalog. I want some service that does that for me.

But I couldn't find one. So I wrote it myself. Using the Amazon API, my script searches Amazon for given queries and stores all results it finds in a SQLite database. These results are then made available as an RSS feed. Whenever a new product pops up in the results, a new unread item shows up in my feed reader. Very simple but exactly what I needed.

And because you might need it too, I made the service available: Amazon Watch.

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