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Kaddi and me are back from our camper van vacation in Norway. I absolutely loved the Norwegian landscapes and thoroughly enjoyed our vacation there.

I wrote a little diary of our daily adventures on our EeePad and the results will by published on Kaddi's blog at Draussenwelt.de in the coming weeks (German only). This post just gives you a little selection on the many photos we took. But I want to mention just a few things first:

  • Yes, Norway is as expenisve as everyone says.
  • We had so much luck with the weather. Sun nearly everyday, Kaddi even took a swim in the ocean. When it occasionally rained, it always stopped when we got out of the car. The nights where cold in the mountains, but it was always nice and warm in our van.
  • Most people speak excellent English, except for gas station staff for some reason.
  • Museum staff often speaks German and will insist on it as soon as they discover you're from Germany. Even though speaking English would be much easier for them and better to understand for us.
  • Norway is more densely populated than I expected. At least in the south. No comparison with Iceland for example.
  • Electric cars are a common sight in Oslo. I'd love to have an electric car sharing service in Berlin.
  • Locus Pro, offline vector maps and an Android tablet are really helpful for navigating a foreign country.
  • I didn't like driving the camper van and am very glad Kaddi enjoys it
  • Norway needs more car walks hiking trails and should put up road signs for them. It's really hard to find good entry points to just have a walk in the woods
  • There are quite a lot dump stations that are not tied to a camp ground, but their quality is often not very good. But it's a good way to save on camp ground fees, since wild camping is allowed and more fun anyway.
  • We don't like alcove sleeping cabins much and will try to get a camper van without it next time.
  • Surprisingly, the percentage of blondes isn't really higher than in Berlin or North America. Maybe I was thinking of Sweden?
  • Even though Norway has a lot of geocaches, we did not find a single one. After we failed at our first searches, we somehow stopped looking. I think I might have lost interest in this hobby for some reason.

Alright, here are the promised pictures:

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