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A week ago we returned from our trip to Amsterdam. Time for the usual photo post.

I enjoyed Amsterdam (and our trips to Haarlem and Leyden) very much. We had a full week which meant that we had a lot of time. So we could really relax, sleep in and explore this beautiful city at our own pace.

One of my personal highlights was the Van Gogh museum. Their concept of showing the artist's development in chronological order in combination with works by other artists is genius. It highlights how Van Gogh was influenced others and makes you understand the paintings and their different styles so much better. Interesting, well explained and a lot of Van Gogh's masterpieces to see. Highly recommended!

Another place worth visiting is Teylers Museum in Haarlem. It's based on Pieter Teyler's 18th century collection of scientific instruments, fossils and minerals. It's the oldest museum in the Netherlands and contains all kind of cool scientific artifacts. Unfortunately not much is labeled in English. Interesting stuff but sometimes you're left in the dark about what things actually are.

Enjoy the pics.