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Back to the Future

Back in 2012 I got my first 3D printer and it was good, but in 2016 I wasn't really satisfied anymore.

What I wanted was a reliable, low-maintenance printer. Something were I could focus on designing the part I need and then “just print it”. So I asked Twitter what printer I should get and every reply I got said “get a Prusa MK3”. So that's what I did.

I ordered the Prusa i3 MK3 kit directly from Prusa and it arrived within a few days. It took Kaddi and me several evenings to assemble. I would guess about ten hours in total.

The overall assembly experience was fantastic. The kit ships with a printed guide and has an online manual that has additional helpful comments from users. The instructions are step by step with lots of pictures, a bit like a Lego manual. The kit even contains the needed tools and a whole bag of spare parts.

Of course the assembly wasn't without difficulties…

There are some nuts that have to be press-fit into 3D printed parts, Prusa recommends pulling the nuts in with a screw from the other side. On one part that worked fine, but then the screw didn't come out again, instead the nut started turning within the part :-\. I had to partly destroy the part to get the screw out again and then use a different, longer screw and a washer to fix the mess.

Fitting the cable stress relief nylon filament was really hard, but I found a forum post recommending vise grips to hold the filament and that finally worked for me.

The part fan holder also cracked slightly when tightening the screw. I may need to print a replacement some time, but for now it's still holding well.

But aside from that, everything went smooth and worked as intended.

There is a huge difference between the little Huxley I bought in 2012 and this machine. It's a much larger, more rigid build and comes with a ton of sensors making sure everything is correct. The magnetic steel sheet on the bed is genius. After the initial calibration, the first print of the famous 3D Benchy came out just perfect.

I'm back in the 3D printing future and it feels good :-)

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