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France Day 2

It had been close to 40 degrees Celsius the day before and was still very hot when we went to bed. Because of that we had decided to just use the bed sheet as a blanket and lie on top of the thicker blankets. That turned out to be a mistake. The night got surprisingly cold. Kaddi even put on my jacket to stay warm. We set up sheets and blankets as intended for the next nights and slept in comfortable warmth then. Lesson learned.

After our first campervan coffee (so good) and breakfast in front of our van, we continued our trip through the Loire Valley. I associate the word valley with mountains but the area surrounding the Loire is quite flat and is heavily used for agriculture. Every little hill next to the river seems to be covered by a little chateau though and even little villages have impressive churches or cathedrals even.

We stopped in Montjean-sur-Loire whose impressive cathedral greeted us from afar. It was unfortunately closed and after short stroll through the village we drove on.

Our goal was the city of Anger. We found parking near the castle which we visited next. The ticket included an audio guide which taught us lots about the history of the city and the castle as well as how to pronounce Anger in French.

Highlight of the castle is Europe's(?) longest medieval tapestry depicting the apocalypse as foretold in the Bible. The audio guide also had a short explanation of each panel. Also noteworthy: the tapestry rooms are heavily air-conditioned, very nice when it's 37 degrees outside.

After the castle visit we walked a bit through the city and finally sat down in a café for coffee. Kaddi had a Crêpe while I went for a cup of ice cream instead.

We decided to call it a day after that and headed to our next place to for the night. A spot behind the church in St. Remy La Varenne. This one even had a free dump station.

We decided to go for another evening walk. A nice path leads towards the Loire, there are old ash trees and horses along the way. The Loire at dusk was very beautiful.

Pasta Bolognese was our dinner for that night.

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