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France Day 1

Our flight went in the morning from TXL. As usual we've been there much too early and the check-in wasn't open, yet. But because we're in Germany a long line started to emerge soon. We didn't bother and waited til most of the other passengers had checked in and the line was short again. We shared one of those weird triangular sandwiches you seem to only get at the airport.

While waiting in the now significantly shorter line, an Air France employee checked-in our baggage but we still had to wait in line to drop it off. No idea what that was all about.

The flight went via Paris and was pleasant enough. The connecting flight to Nantes was from the same terminal, so the 40 minutes we had to get to the next gate was plenty. The gate just opened when we arrived.

At the airport in Nantes we considered asking for public transport to the rental station, but then decided to not bother and take a taxi. After a very swift taxi ride (The French movie Taxi seemed to portrait the French style of taxis driving quite well) we were in front of the Mc'Rent station.

It was still closed and we had to wait for 10 minutes or so. We got a brief introduction to the car and its interior (maybe briefer than usual because we said we had rented RVs before or more probably because they just didn't speak English well enough for extensive explanations). We handled the paperwork and were ready to go.

The RV seemed to be very new (it had about 17000km on the odometer, so probably just this season) and was the best equipped RV we had so far.

We picked up some groceries at the nearest supermarket and decided to head Inlands into the Loire Valley.

At home I had downloaded a few different campervan apps to find overnight places. Campercontact seemed to be the best. It suggested a place called Le Port du Moulin and that's where headed. It was right at the Loire and we took a little walk to decompress before we cooked our first meal in France - Chorizo, vegetables and Feta 😊.

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