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France Day 9

We had fresh croissants for breakfast - a bonus when staying at an actual campground. After that it was time to continue our way on the D36.

The landscape was indeed beautiful and we made several stops to take pictures. Fog was rising from the mountains and it was very reminiscent of the Scottish highlands or Ireland. Temperatures had fallen significantly since yesterday and I was wearing jeans and a jacket for the first time since arriving in France. At one point we even turned on the heating for a bit.

Our goal was still covering distance towards the Atlantic so the day consisted mostly of driving. Around noon we had an extended Lunch break with our selection of cheeses and baguette.

In the late afternoon we arrived at Uzerche. Another beautiful medieval town build on a hill. This one seemed to be much more alive than Thiers. We did a little walk through the old town, then found us a spot on the local RV space.

We did another little walk along the bank of the Vézère river and on our return had steak and Romanesco broccoli for dinner.

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