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France Day 10

We left without the daily dump/refill because the dump station was complicated. Usually the tanks are good for about two days of normal use, so that was fine.

First stop of the day was Turenne. Another medieval town built on a hill. Yes they have quite a few of these. We parked at their RV parking area which had a very steep and narrow access, I don't think we would have made that with a slightly bigger camper.

The town is super cute and even had some shops that were actually open. For some reason much of France seems to be closed all the time. When we arrived at the castle at the top of the hill they warned us that they would close in half an hour. I don't really understand this. Why would you close your one and only tourist attraction for two full hours in the middle of the day?

Anyway half an hour was enough to see what remains of the castle, climb the tower and take some pictures.

Next we descended down through the village. It was now shortly after noon and the sun was burning. So when we saw a café advertising milkshakes that sounded like a good idea. The waitress was friendly and even spoke a bit of English telling us about the menu of the day. However when we explained that we would rather like to have milkshakes and maybe some cake, she became visibly annoyed and told us she wouldn't do shakes at this time of day, only in the afternoon.

I was pissed and we decided to leave. Instead we went back to the car, made some coffee and ate cake we had bought the day before.

After that it was time for some serious driving again. Our next stop was already close to Bordeaux - the town of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. Atlas Obscura had promised us a one-of-a-kind sight: An underground church.

The church was super impressive indeed. More a cathedral than a mere church had been cut into the rock. The audio guide included in the ticket price was a nice addition to learn more.

After another super market stop, we found a nice RV park in Coutras. After little evening walk, we made chili con Carne for dinner and called it a day.

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