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France Day 18

We woke up relatively late and I quickly went over to the reception to pick up the croissants we had ordered the evening before. We had breakfast in bed before we started the day with dumping/refill.

Just a few villages from the campground away we had another supermarket stop before we made our way toward a Neolithic cairn site. Halfway there I noticed that this cairn is actually located on an island and requires booking well in advance. That was a bit disappointing.

The next stop were the Stones of Carnac. Google Maps warned us that this attraction would close at 13:00 and that we would only arrive at 12:30. This made us feel a bit pressured but when we arrived we soon realized that there's nothing that could close. The site is out in the open and visible at all time.

The Alignments de Carmack are a Neolithic configuration of literally hundreds of stones in the size between one and four meters stretching for nearly a mile. It is really impressive and you can't help but wonder what the people who built this about 5000 years ago were thinking.

Right at the middle of the stone fields is a Creperie and we used the opportunity to get a crepe and a galette. After walking along the stones a bit more we had another little snack of cheese, petit four and coffee at the car before we drove on.

I had picked a free spot south of Lorient that promised to be right next to the bay. We had a bit trouble finding the proper access but managed in the end. We put on some sunscreen and sat on a Harbour wall eating ice cream in the sun. Very nice.

Later we did a little evening stroll through the nearby marina and then had dinner on our return: pork, potatoes, bacon and mushrooms.

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