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France Day 19

We woke up early but then turned around and slept a little more before having breakfast with eggs and salmon. Since our parking spot had no dump station we left half full.

Our first stop was Pont-Aven. A nice little town with a lot of galleries. We had a look at a few stores but then moved on.

Next halt was Concarneau. Parking was difficult again because the huge parking area right in the city center did not provide any space for mobile homes. We finally parked at their very crowded official RV area and walked back to the center.

Concarneau's main attraction is the fortified island in the middle of the harbour. It is surprisingly large on the inside and houses a long street full of little stores, restaurants and cafés in half timbered houses. Very picturesque but full of German tourists again. We got us some seafood tapas and some baked goods in two of those stores and Kaddi nearly bought a dress but after much deliberation decided against it.

Goal for today was driving along the D44 road which our guide book had marked as especially scenic. The road had some beautiful houses here and there but in the end wasn't super impressive. We saw some more beautiful places on the way there. We drove through a forrest that positively looked like it was inhabitated by fairies and gnomes for example.

Our stop for the night was an RV area in Loctudy. It was somewhat close to the beach, so we had an evening walk along the rocky beach, before we made dinner: Chicken Tika Masala with rice and some red wine.

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