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France Day 20

The night was probably the quietest we had for the last few weeks. The RV area was located in a residential area, no big streets, no harbour, no air traffic. We woke up relatively early anyway and started with breakfast and the usual dump/refill.

With the end of our vacation drawing closer it was time to move closer towards Nantes again to avoid having to do a full day of driving on Friday.

Our first target for the day way was Quimper. But first we had to address an emergency. We had ran out of coffee so we stopped at the supermarket in Loctudy. However the market felt small and not as impressive as the big markets we had seen so far so we decided to leave without buying anything and try our luck again in Quimper. Quimper did have a much more impressive supermarket indeed and we restocked on coffee and food for the next day. We had secretly hoped to get those pyramid chocolate things again but were disappointed unfortunately.

Parking in the city center was difficult again and took multiple approaches. Quimper itself has a cute little old town with half timbered houses, stores and Cafés. We walked a bit through the city, visited a church and the cathedral (which just had reopened after siesta) and then decided to get Crêpes because our guide book had mentioned them to be especially delicious in Quimper. And they were alright I guess.

After some more serious driving we arrived at the RV area in Josselin. It's right next to the city center so it was time to explore the town. We first stopped in a “medieval garden” which invited visitors to harvest herbs for your own needs. So we picked some thyme and chives for dinner and breakfast.

The town itself is again very picturesque with half timbered houses and an extraordinary cathedral that has a ship hull ceiling. Next we wanted to visit the castle. It can only be visited with a guided tour and we were just in time for the last one of the day. The woman at the counter informed us that the tour would be in French only, but we were used to that kind of statement by now. And again, the tour guide spoke good English and she was happy to do the tour bilingual 🤷‍♂️.

After returning to the car we had lamb with Brussels sprouts / green beans and baguette.

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