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Maker Mark

makermark.jpg When I was a kid, my parents had a print of Albrecht Dürer's famous Young Hare on their walls and I adopted his AD signature for my own scribbles. I still use it occasionally. For example you can see it on my oil paintings.

With my recent woodworking hobby I wanted a kind of signature as well. I was first looking into branding irons, but I wanted to “sign” with a year as well as my signature. So I decided to go with little metal labels instead.

I got a batch of 100 with my “AG” laser etched on them. The month and year are added with letter punches. Works great.

The first project that got one of the new maker marks, was a battery dispenser, inspired by a build on Fisher's Shop Youtube Channel.

I built it completely out of scrap wood which I glued back into panels. My battery charger is mounted with a 3D printed back plate. An analog voltmeter is hooked up to a seesaw contraption to measure AA and AAA batteries, 9V blocks can be held on two contacts to check.

Battery Dispenser

It's mounted right above my Bosch 18V battery charging station and vacuum holder which I don't think I have shown off before. So here it is:

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