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Love Letter to my Dog

It's exactly one year since Kaddi and I drove to the shelter and picked up Tarly the dog.

One year of daily walks. One year of feeding, grooming and petting. One year of setting rules and boundaries and sometimes letting them slide. One year of growing closer and more comfortable with each other. One year of falling in love.

I had pets in the past, but never have I felt like this towards an animal before. I really really love this floof.

It's interesting how he changed from when we first got him. We thought he was a picky eater but the more comfortable he got with us, the more food focused he became. It rarely ever happens that he won't finish his meals right away anymore. And for a little treat he will be the bestest boy.

He still mostly doesn't know how to play. Throwing a stick for him will do absolutely nothing. But sometimes he will play a little tug with us and he loves doing zoomies in the garden while we pretend to catch him.

His behavior with other dogs has improved thanks to dog school visits. But some dogs we meet on our walks still trigger him.

But he is still super cuddly and always wants to be close to us. He has his favorite place in every room now and always picks the one closest to us. Right now he's snoring under my desk ^_^.

I am super happy to have him in my life. ❤️🐺

More pics at Metapixl.

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