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Books, Pics and Chucks

Yesterday I became annoyed how unorganized my book shelf was and started to reoorganize (think creating a huge chaos ;-)). This brought me to another topic: having a list of all my books. I once had such thing, first on some index cards when I was a kid, later in an Excel sheet. When I switched to linux this list got lost and was never recreated and my books changed as well. I inherited a huge amount of books from my grandma and later sold a lot of them again. Well to make it short there was no current list of my books and I love lists so I needed one. But instead of rolling my own book list keeper I went to Emily Chang's eHub and found me Web 2.0 webservice fitting my needs. It's called LibraryThing and is currently in Beta but as we know from Google this is a good thing ;-)

LibraryThing lets you create your personal list of books. To simplify the editing it can use Amazon and various other sources to gather the needed data. Of course you can tag your books and you may even add ratings and reviews. You can add up to 200 books for free. If you have more (I do) you can sign up for a year for 10$ or get a lifetime membership for 25$ (why doesn't have flickr this?).

I still haven't all my books in it but I'm working on it. Check my catalogue to see which books I own.

In completely unrelated news I finally uploaded some pictures of my trip to China to my flickr account. The images are of course only a tiny fraction of all the pics I took over there. Unfortunately my flickr upload limit is exceeded already. Maybe it's time to get a Pro account there as well.

Chucks The last thing to chat about today is proud ownership of a new pair of black Chucks. Kaddi wanted a pair and they were on offer so we both got some. This is probably a little surprising to people who know me, because I usually only wear my beloved 10 hole steelcap boots. But I guess it isn't too bad to have a second pair of shoes ;-)

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