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September Books - Daemon

This month I've read two books that probably my whole peer group already read: the Daemon books by Daniel Suarez.


While technically these are two books, it's just one single story cut in the middle. There is no way you can stop reading this after the first book.

Daemon is one of the most intriguing stories I've read in the last years. It starts out as a seemingly simple crime novel but evolves into a full blown, world-wide revolution / cyberpunk fiction / utopia thingy.

What makes these books so fascinating to me is that it was never completely over the top. Everything described – the technology, the economic results, the government and corporate reactions – are fantastic and sometimes unlikely but still imaginable. I never was sure if I should be afraid or hoping for what I was reading — typical future shock, I guess.

BTW it has some action scenes that played like a movie in my head. So much for good writing style :-)

Seriously, if you haven't read this yet, do so!

Now, give me my D-Space glasses please, I want to join the daemon.

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