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August Books

Time again for the monthly book review.

Sara Gruen
ISBN 1565125606

This book was recommended by Jacob and I really enjoyed it. The story combines the history of the Great Depression with the strange world of a train circus. I especially liked how the story switches between the past and the now and delivers a happy end for both story lines. Recommended read.

Charlotte Roche
ISBN 349205420X

Roche's first book Feuchtgebiete was kind of a scandal in Germany but I've never read it. When I read a quite favorable review of her second book, I thought I should give it a try. It isn't a bad book, but isn't very good either. What I missed most is some kind of story line. The book is more or less the description of 3 days in the life of the somewhat psychotic main character with flashbacks to her past. You will recognize things from your own life and acquaintances and that's probably the only thing that makes this book worth to read.

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