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Rollercoaster fun

CollossosKaddi's mum had birthday this weekend so we were visiting. Her wish was to do a family trip to the Heide Park - a theme park about 45 minutes away. The weather was very bad when we started but got better during the drive. We had much clouds and only sometimes sun but at least we stayed dry. Well, except on the rafting ride :-) But because of the weather we never had to wait long on any of the attractions.

ScreamThis was in fact the very first time I visited a theme park. I didn't dare to enter a rollercoaster when I was younger. I hadn't too much fear today and had really much fun in rollercoasters and what Kaddi calls puke machines. The extremest experience was Collossos, of course - the Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster with a 61° drop. Limit, a suspended steel coaster with multiple helixes, was pretty intense as well. There was only one ride that I didn't dare to enter: “Scream” - a 103m tower where you get pulled up to the top to then be dropped. It looked horrible but the possibility of experiencing zero g during the free fall lured me. Maybe next time.

Summary: Heide Park is big fun and I need to play Rollercoaster Tycoon again.

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