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Another manpage update

Another update for my manpage collection: this time it's the URL. I use the site quite often, but I always thought that man.splitbrain.org is just a little bit too much to type for a quick lookup. But of course nearly all 3-letter domains are taken already. Or so I thought.

I started to check out the more exotic TLDs. My first try was to register man.ws through regfish but this failed and regfish couldn't tell me why. I did a little research and found the cause: a 3-letter .ws domain costs 500$ for two years - regfish billed 18€ per year only.

My second try was more successful: the Christmas Island domain was still available. Probably because .cx domains are only available through five registrars. I went for the Indian Ocean Territories Telecom Limited and registered the domain through their webinterface. The nice thing is that you can pay through paypal which definitively eases money transfer overseas.

So to make a long story short, my manpage collection of 62687 pages is now available at man.cx.

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