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Testing and Firefox

Today I finally made the move to Debian testing. I was running on stable + backports1) but I just wanted more of the new applications.

So testing feels pretty stable for now. The update was a breeze, just as I like it. I spent my afternoon with (re)configuring XFCE and everything is now working as it should.

Well and that's where the Firefox part of this post comes. The fox did die on certain pages. Running it from console brought up these messaeges before the die:

Creating link /home/andi/.kde/socket-rumpel.
can't create mcop directory

After some googling and looking at bug reports I finally found the solution. The problem seems to be caused by some weird interactions between the flash-plugin and the ARTS soundwrapper 2). The link mentioned above is not a link but a directory where ARTS tries to create a file in and fails. So yes, the solution is simple:

mkdir /home/andi/.kde/socket-rumpel
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