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A Plucker Webinterface

Yesterday I needed an easy way to store a webpage to view it offline later on my Palm Tungsten E2. The simplest way to do this is to use the Open Source software Plucker which is an amazing offline reader for the Palm platform.

My site in PluckerTo transfer the a webpage to the Palm, you need to convert it to a Plucker .pdb file which then can be stored on the Palm's internal memory or on a SD card. There are currently two converter programs available – one written in Python and one in Java. Unfortunately this means I need to install some software on the computer where I want to create this file. This may be not possible when I'm using someone else's computer (like in an internet cafe).

The solution for this, like for many other mobility problems as well, is to have a web interface. I looked around the web but couldn't find one…

… so I built one ;-)

The Webinterface It's available at plucker.splitbrain.org and pretty simple. Just enter the URL of the page you'd like to convert and hit the button. You can tweak some settings if you like, but the defaults should work well enough.

The easiest way to use it is to use one of the bookmarklets. So all you have to do is hitting a bookmark in your browser to create a new plucker document from the current page.

There was one problem though. The site I wanted to save was protected behind a cookie based login. Unfortunately the Python distiller did not support cookies, but hacking the Python source was really simple. If anyone needs this as well, here is the patch file.

Feel free to use this service, but please don't hammer my server!

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