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New Comment System

I just replaced my own My Two Cents comment system with DISQUS. The reason is simple: spam. Over the last months comment spam increased so much that it became a pain to manually clean it every time. I'm not sure if someone bothered to break my CAPTCHA or this was all cheap manual spam. I guess the latter.

DISQUS should hopefully be better at automatically recognizing spam and is also easier to moderate for me. It also has a few advantages:

  • you now can get notified on new comments by email and RSS
  • reactions elsewhere on the web (eg. on twitter) should be captured here as well (not sure if this works)
  • you can log in with a whole bunch of identity providers

There are also some disadvantages:

  • JavaScript needs to be enabled for reading and writing comments
  • MonsterID is no longer supported

I'm looking forward to your (non-spam) comments :-)

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