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Dual Core Subnotebook Comparison

I consider to replace my current notebook with a new one. In general I'm quite happy with my Lifebook, but it is 6 years old now and coming of age.

I looked around for some candidates this weekend. My criteria were simple:

  1. It should be lighter and smaller than my current laptop which features a 13“ display and weights about 1.7kg
  2. It should feature a decent battery life time
  3. It should have a dual core CPU - I simply love the extra bit of snappyness a second core gives you
  4. It should have as much RAM as possible
  5. It needs to be available in Europe right now

I decided early on that I'm looking for something below 12” and found surprisingly few machines matching this requirement. Below is a list of the sub notebooks I found and their features as given by their manufacturers.

LG C1 LG A1 Sony TZ11 Asus S6Fm Asus U1F
Brand LG LG Sony Asus Asus
Model C1 A1 VGN-TZ11 S6Fm U1F
Display 10.6“ Tablet 10.6” 11.1“ 11.1” 11.1“
Weight 1.3kg 1.0kg 1.19kg 1.37kg 1.0kg
CPU U2500 U2500 U7500 L7200 U2400
Graphics GeForce Go 7300 GeForce Go 7300 Intel 950 Intel 945 Intel 945
RAM (max) 1GB (1.5GB) 1GB (1.5GB) 2GB (2GB) 1.5GB 1GB (1.5GB)
Batt. Life 3h (6h) 3h (6h) 7h 2h (4h) 2h (4h)
HDD 80GB 80GB 100GB 120GB 80GB
opt. Drive external external internal internal external
Price 2000€ 1900€ 2140€ 1800€ 1680€

There are two laptops that immediately stand out from the table above.

The first is the LG C1. It's actually a Tablet PC which means the screen can be rotated and is usable as a touch screen. Unfortunately the touchscreen is not an active one. This means it is not pressure sensitive as most Tablet PC screens are. I also found reports about it not working in Linux which is a no-go for me.

The second very interesting candidate is the Sony TZ11. Not only does it look real great it also features a carbon fiber chassis. But the really amazing thing is the 7 hours of battery power. And this is the default battery - not an additional bigger (and heavier) one – 7 hours at 1.2kg! I read some reviews about the machine where testers even got higher life times.

So the Sony is clearly my favorite candidate right now. But I wonder if I missed a machine matching my criteria? If you know of one, please leave a comment.

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