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NDS Homebrew X-Mas Present: NetHackDS

Every homebrew capable DS owning geek rejoice! There is finally a usable port of Nethack available.


The game is called NetHackDS and is optimized to be played with the DS controls.

The D-Pad is used for walking and the most important actions 'open', 'pickup', 'search' and 'kick' are mapped to the X, A, B and Y buttons. More commands can be picked from a list when holding the left shoulder button. Additionally you can execute actions by tapping on the map. Eg. tapping on the ground will tell your hero to move there and tapping a door will open it.

Just one thing you need to remember: always choose 'save' from the command list before switching the DS off or your game will be lost. Maybe some autosaving feature could be implemented in a future version.

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