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MySimple.php - A lightweight PHPMyAdmin substitute

MySimple.php interface

Kaddi needed to fix something in her employer's database today. Unfortunately she had FTP access only. So the database change had to be made through a PHP script. The usual approach would have been to install PHPMyAdmin which is an excellent database management interface. But for this little one time change I considered this to be overkill.

I looked for a basic MySQL PHP interface but couldn't find one. So I quickly wrote it my self. It is called MySimple.php and is completely self contained in a single file. Just upload, fix your DB and delete it.

The interface is very basic (see screenshot on the right). It lets you connect to a server/database and submit one or more queries. Results are shown in tables below the input form.

The code is BSD licensed and available at my wiki: mysimple.php.

mysql, php, webinterface
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