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DokuWiki of the Month: zshwiki

This article is part of a monthly series.

Every month I present a DokuWiki powered site which is special for its design, content or clever use of the software. To give you a first impression on what the site is about I'll send a short, interview style questionnaire to its creator.


ZSH Wiki

This month's wiki zshwiki was chosen for its useful content. It shows DokuWiki used as auxiliary user driven documentation to a complex software.

Questions were answered by the site's webmaster Bruno Bonfils.

Can you give a short introduction on what your wiki is about?

zshwiki.org is about (you guessed it) zsh or the Z-Shell, which is a bourne-like command shell for UNIX-like operating systems. It is insanely flexible. It can do about everything you can think of.

This flexibility makes zsh quite complex. Its manual is HUGE, as is a more userfriendly guide. zshwiki tries to give users (beginner or advanced) hands-on approaches to the shell to get a start with a problem you're working on. Because once you got a start, the manual actually works. :-)

Since when is it online?

The wiki is online since 2002, but was running on a different wiki engine (can't remember which one exactly, I didn't like it), but it didn't have a lot of success. I wanted to switch to DokuWiki and Frank Terbeck helped me a lot.

Why did you chose DokuWiki? Did you try other software before?

I love DokuWiki so much that there wass no decision to take. I especially like the plugin framework, the administration interface, and so on. One of my favorite things is the upgrade process: tar, cp, and it's working, few minutes to update a wiki engine is very wonderful.

Did you do any modifications to the software?

Except installing some plugins, no.

Who is editing the site?

Everyone can register to edit in our DokuWiki:

% grep -c -v '^($|#)' users.auth.php

Brag about your statistics ;-)

For hits, you can check yourself here: http://zshwiki.org/stats/. There are about 80 pages currently.

If you know of a DokuWiki driven site which is somehow remarkable and should be featured as DokuWiki of the Month, drop me a mail or leave a comment, please.

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