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It's done. I moved from apartment A to apartment B. Most of my boxes are unpacked and I got rid of some more stuff.

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Of course there are also some new things to buy. We will need a new sofa for our new, big living room. Preferable a convertible to have a place for guests to sleep on. Some more kitchen cupboards are needed, too.

One thing we already bought is a DVB-T receiver. Cable TV isn't included in the rent 1), so we hope to save the 10€ a month by using the free DVB-T broadcast available in Berlin. Marketing promises cable like quality and choice but of course reality is a bit different.

I bought a Siemens Gigaset 270 first, and a simple rod antenna. But this didn't work out. The signal strength was bad and we had frequent dropouts in video and audio. I suspected a problem with the receiver because it made tiny but audible noise.

We returned it today and exchanged it for a Skymaster DT 440 and a more powerful antenna. After some experiments how to align it, we got a maximum of 82% signal strength. So far it seems to be usable but all that antenna wiggling reminded me of analog TV from the last century.

I wonder if you have any experience with DVB-T reception, receivers and antennas. Any tips you have to share? Please do so in the comments.

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