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Make your Wiki Talk Like a Pirate

It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day again. And to celebrate this I want to point you to two DokuWiki downloads that will make your wiki a bit more fun on TLPD.

The first is a language pack that will translate much1) of DokuWiki's interface to pirate speak. It is not included in DokuWiki but can be downloaded from the translation server. Just go to the en-pirate page, scroll down and press the “Submit and Download” button. Unpack the zip file in your DokuWiki directory.

The second download is a plugin called pirate. It's a render plugin that will filter all cdata text through a pirate speak filter. It is based on Dongal Campell's Text Filter Suite Plugin for WordPress.

After having installed both you can configure your Wiki to use them automatically every September the 19th, by putting the following into your conf/local.protected.php file:

if('0919' == date('md')){
   $conf['lang'] = 'en-pirate';
   $conf['renderer_xhtml'] = 'pirate';
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