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Funny DokuWiki Quotes

DokuWiki is a popular software and people talk about it. Some of this talk happens semipublic on the internet. On websites, in IRC, mails or microblogging services. I try to keep an eye on it by subscribing to various search RSS feeds.

What people say about DokuWiki is as diverse as the people that use it. Sometimes they praise it, sometime they curse it and sometimes they misspell it. And in some cases they say something funny or downright hilarious. I want to share a few of the latter ones with here.

Let's start with some praise that made me smile.

DokuWiki? More like DokuWOOT! Pet project coming along nicely …

:-) shouldn't it be spelled DokuW00t, btw.?

This one might easily become DokuWiki's new catch phrase:

DokuWiki wins another gold star for ease of install, configuration, use, and all-round awesomeness.

All-round awesomeness? ^_^ You bet so. Even the secret service seems to agree:

well, dokuwiki is selected for the “top secret project”

Where secret services are involved, conspiracy theorists are never far:

Ahhhh, DokuWiki, admit it! You're designed to drive me mad.

This guy thinks about DokuWiki's future:

dokuwiki wants to be a web application when it grows up

And here I thought it already is :-?. Thomas at least seems to like it:

Dokuwiki is teh awesome

But of course there are always improvement ideas:

Dokuwiki would be more fun with a keg, here.

But isn't everything more fun with a keg? 8-).

Next up: a translation from a German IRC channel

<@schlumpf> SyTonnerre: dokuwiki is usable
<@schlumpf> it's small and works
<@schlumpf> unfortunately in php
<@phaylon> sounds (somewhat exaggerated) like: “I've got a car, takes only 2.5l on 100km, drives up to 180km/h, but needs children's blood instead of gasoline”

LOL but maybe DokuWiki is really close to the Dark Side:

Am I only one who picked DokuWiki because Doku sounded like one of the bad guys from the Star Wars prequels?

So to sum it up: DokuWiki is a child blood driven, dark side, not-yet web application with all-round awesomeness for your secret projects. Keg recommended. That isn't the easiest thing to grasp, I understand. And that might explain this email I got a while ago from a guy called Roman:

Subject: Wiki Syntax

I write this letter because i furious.
You create this fucking syntax to difficulty my work ? Yeah, you make it. Stupid idiot, i hate you.


I hope you enjoyed this little excursion. Let me know of anything funny, DokuWiki related you come across.

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