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The Downside of a Free T-Shirt

Two weeks ago, I joined a marketing campaign. German T-Shirt seller 3DSupply offered a free T-Shirt for a simple Blog post. It was a fun action and I sure got my shirt.

Unfortunately 3DSupply decided to publicize a list of the 500 blogs that joined the action. The first annoying result where bloggers that decided to use this list in their own posts, sending out hundred of trackbacks in the hope of a few backlinks. Annoying but so it goes.

Today I noticed someone else using the list. A spammer leaving seemingly related comments. The comments come with different typical German names like Tanja, Beate or Georg and are all linking to his spam blog address(es) in the homepage field.

What did we learn? There is no such thing as a free T-Shirt. :-/

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