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Random Life Bits

I rarely blog recently and I'm not sure why. It might be that my life got too boring and nothing noteworthy happens anymore or it's just the weather that sucks out all energy of me. It's probably the latter, because there are a few things that should have gotten their own posts.

Instead I'll just throw them all in here.

Another Toy

As I wrote before, the Roomba is great, but there are spots it simply can't reach. Unfortunately these spots do not cease to get dusty. Getting out the usual (large and clunky) vacuum cleaner just for a few spots is just too much hassle so I looked for an alternative.

The one I found is the Dyson DC30 handheld. It's cableless, gets the job done and looks like it comes straight from a science fiction movie. Exactly the type of thing I like.

Home Improvement #1

Our living room got a bit more colorful, thanks to a huge 46.8×33.1'' eboy pixel art poster. It was somewhat hard to decide which of their many poster motives I want, but I finally decided for the “Berlin” one.

Home Improvement #2

Always since we have our new bed I was missing a night stand. Yesterday I finally built one. It's a simple construction that hooks into the frame of the bed - no need to drive screws in the bed and nothing on the floor1). I also added a little rim to avoid things being swooped off it easily.

It came out quite nice I think.

More Blog Posts

In case you didn't know: there might not much happen here but it is not the only blog I write for. I also occasionally blog at CosmoCode. The most recent posts I wrote there were

You may want to subscribe the RSS feed to not miss my and my colleague's posts at CosmoCode.

Another Web 2.0 Gimmick

Last but not least, everybody seems to jump on the formspring.me wagon right now. And who am I to question that? So I joined.

Formspring.me is simple service where people can ask you questions and you can answer them. Let's see how it goes: Ask me anything.

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