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Feed Gems

I love RSS Feeds to stay up-to-date and get fresh and interesting content delivered to my feed reader every day. Most of the stuff I am subscribed to is probably pretty well known (common tech news outlets, popular webcomics, …) or is only useful to me (search alerts, social network feeds,…). But there are a few things in my reader, that I like a lot and that might be little known to you. So why not share them? Here are my personal feed gems.

Curvy Curvy is a NSFW webcomic featuring the adventures of a girl who meets a princess from Candy World who's escaping from an arranged marriage with Prince Boglox who plans to take over Boring World (aka. Earth)… Did I mention that they are followed by an FBI agent who thinks they are terrorists? Hilarious and sexy =)

Glumm is the German blog of Andreas Glumm who writes contemporary short stories, usually with a seemingly auto-biographical background. I often have to literally laugh out loud while reading it, even though the stories geberally have a gloomy feeling.

12 Byzantine Rulers 12 Byzantine Rulers is a podcast by Lars Brownworth. In 17 Episodes he talks about the history of the Byzantine Empire and even if you're not a history buff, this is worth listening to. He manages to tell about history in the most interesting way, really transferring you back in time.

The History of Rome is what will give you your fix once you're experiencing the Byzantine Rulers withdrawal symptoms. This podcast takes you back to the Roman history, starting at the mythological founding of the city. It isn't finished yet but already has over 90 episodes.

fuck you very much fuck you very much is a tumble blog featuring crazy, beautiful, sexy or otherwise interesting pictures. Sometimes NSFW but always entertaining.

Simon Willison's Weblog is a very technical weblog. He doesn't write many articles but posts a lot of very interesting development related links. Simon also is very skilled in pulling the “money quote” from the linked article, so you always know what to expect behind his links.

Now it's your turn – what are the rare gems in your subscription list? Please let me know in the comments.

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